Change Colors and Customize Styles

The new SmartPLS toolbar allows you to customize the colors of your PLS path model. The button on the right hand side allows you to show and toggle the toolbar. The default setup uses blue and yellow. When you press on the Color button in the toolbar, you always get SmartPLS’s default color setup.

Alternatively, when pressing on the Black button in the SmartPLS toolbar, you can display the PLS path model in black and white. This option is particularly useful when you like to use the model in SmartPLS in publications and presentations. Just right-click on the mode and select the Export Image to File or Export Image to Clipboard to transfer the graphic of you PLS path model to another program.

To create your own theme, click on More Themes in the SmartPLS toolbar. The options Custom 1, Custom 2 and Custom 3 allow you to specify your own color setup in SmartPLS. You can define the color of the background, border, inner text, outer text, the font size, the border size of any SmartPLS element. You can even assign background colors to the results displayed on the path relationships. Make your selections. When closing the Custom window, SmartPLS asks you if you like to save your new customized style.

In our example, Custom 1 looks like this:

And Custom 2 looks like this:

Enjoy exploring the new options of SmartPLS!