Export Your SmartPLS Project

The export function allows you to export a project from your SmartPLS ++workspace++. The export includes all model and data files of the project.

Just select the project that you would like to export in the SmartPLS project explorer. Then, right-click on the selected project. A menu allows you to select the Export Project option. Alternatively, select a project in your SmartPLS Project Explorer window and click on File -> Export Project in the menu bar.

A browser opens and allows you select a folder on your computer device for saving the exported project file. You can also choose the name of the exported project file. As a result, SmartPLS saves a zip file of your project in the selected folder (e.g., C:\SmartPLS\ecsi.zip).

When you like to share your project with other individuals, we strongly recommend using the export function. For example, you can email the exported project file (e.g., ecsi.zip) to other SmartPLS users and they can run software and use the ++import project++ option to import your project in their workspace.

Enjoy using SmartPLS!