Import Project from Backup File

Run SmartPLS to import a backup file of the project that is saved on your computer divce. Then, select the File -> “Import Project from Backup File option to import the project.

SmartPLS 3 can import both splsp and zip files that contain previously ++exported++ projects (e.g., ecsi.splsp or After importing the SmartPLS project files, it appears in your SmartPLS Project Explorer window. Try out this option by downloading and importing our sample SmartPLS projects.

Note: When sharing SmartPLS projects with other individuals, we strongly recommend to using the Export Project and Import Project from Backup File options in SmartPLS. When you ++export++ a project, SmartPLS creates a .splsp file (when using SmartPLS 2; e.g., esci.splsp) or a .zip file (when using SmartPLS 3; e.g., ecsi.zio) that includes the entire project with its models and data sets. Other users can easily import these files by using the Import Project from Backup File option in SmartPLS 3.

Enjoy using SmartPLS!