Transfer SmartPLS Projects to Another Computer

SmartPLS saves the projects in the workspace folder. To transfer your SmartPLS project from one computer to another computer, you can use the project export option. As a result, you get a SmartPLS backup file of the selected project in ZIP file format. You can import this backup file by using the project import option in SmartPLS.

Alternatively, you can transfer an entire workspace folder that contains your SmartPLS projects from one computer to another. Copy the workspace folder from your old computer and paste it into a temporary directory on your new computer. Then use the Import from a folder option in SmartPLS to import self-selected projects or all projects from the workspace folder you copied from your old computer.

If you have created and selected a SmartPLS workspace folder on a cloud drive, then simply use the switch Workspace option in SmartPLS to select that workspace on your new computer.