SmartPLS saves the projects in the workspace folder, which you can select when running the SmartPLS software by clicking on File -> Switch Workspace in the menu bar. Alternatively, you can click on the sqitch workspace symbol in the SmartPLS Project Explorer window. For example, you can create and select the following workspace folder: C:\Program Files\SmartPLS\workspace

In this workspace folder, SmartPLS saves your projects. Every project uses a seperate folder in your workspace (i.e., there is a sperate folders for every single project that you created). For example: C:\Program Files\SmartPLS\workspace\ecsi

By the way, you can find the ecsi project example and other SmartPLS project examples here here:

Every project as at least two files: (1) The model (e.g., ecsi.splsm) and (2) the data set (e.g., mobi250.csv). These two files are stored in the ecsi workspace folder: C:\Program Files\SmartPLS\workspace\ecsi

Each SmartPLS project requires at least a .splsm model file and a .csv or. txt data file. However, each project can include multiple model and multiple data files.