Where are my projects stored and how can I moved them to another computer?

Your workspace is a folder on your local computer

All projects and files created with SmartPLS are always located in a folder on the user's computer. We call this folder "Workspace".

The location of the current workspace is displayed in the title bar.

Workspace location in SmartPLS title bar

Recover old files

After a new installation of SmartPLS, a new, empty workspace may be created. Old files and projects are not lost - only the old workspace has to be selected again.

To select a different workspaces you can open > File > Switch Workspace from the main menu.

Switch Workspace in SmartPLS

The default workspace location is in the User Home directory:

  • Mac OSX: /Users/username/smartpls_workspace
  • Windows: c:\users\username\smartpls_workspace

Transfering workspace from another computer

  1. Locate the workspace folder on your old computer
  2. Copy the folder (e.g. to a USB-stick) and transfer it to your new computer
  3. Launch SmartPLS on your new computer
  4. Select the transfered folder as your workspace via > File > Switch Workspace