My license code is not accepted - what should I do?


Please always make sure to enter the license code that you received without any whitespace.

A paid seat license

Several changes to your computer might trigger an error message indicating that your license key is not valid on your computer anymore:

  • a hardware upgrade (new hard disc, processor etc.)
  • a major operating system update (especially Mac OSX)

Please contact us if such an error message occurs and we will reset your license key.

A free-trial license

Usually, any error message displayed after you entered your free-trial key indicates that the free trial has been used on your computer before.

Please note that the function of the activation key is not based on e-mails, but on the hardware of your computer.

In some rare cases, there may be a computer twin somewhere in the world, and you can contact us to request a new trial key. However, we need to know who you are, and it would be good if you could use an email address of your organization (e.g. your company or university).