What is a network license and how is it installed?

A network license can be used on an arbitrary number of computer but only a limited number of computers (=number of concurrent users) may run the SmartPLS software simultaneously. The number of concurrent users depends on your purchase.

This licensing option requires a license server to handle license requests and control license usage. This server application can be either hosted by us or by you. Both options are equally priced but required a different order and setup routine.

Hosted by SmartPLS GmbH Hosted by you
Installation Requirements Client computers need access to the internet A server (Windows, Linux, MacOSX) in your local network that is accessible to the client computers
Server Address license.smartpls.com Internal IP address
Access Control Key based Server access
Reject Clients Based on IP, user name, host name Based on IP, user name, host name
Access Rules Possible Yes Yes
Initial Setup Not necessary License server installation
Maintenance SmartPLS Your local IT department (but it's marginal)

Installation if the license server is hosted by us

The computers running SmartPLS will need access to the internet to contact a licensing server that is hosted by us (the SmartPLS GmbH ) which will take care of lease management. You will not be able to use SmartPLS in offline mode. This kind of license is delivered by default if you purchase a network license. After your purchase you will receive a license key (e.g. KYXXX-DRC39-GB4PY-NXXXS-UEYAM) that you can share with your users. They shall use this license key to ++activate++ the SmartPLS software on their computer device.

Installation if the license server is hosted by you

To install the licensing server at your organization, please follow this documentation. You need to download and install the server application. Installation packages are available for Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOSX. When properly installed, please send us the hardware IDs as described in the documentation. In return we will send you a license that you can install on your license server.