What is a "Single user license" and how is it installed?

This type of license allows you to run the SmartPLS software on a single (specific) computer device. After downloading, installing and running the SmartPLS software, you need a previously purchased license key for its ++activation++. During this procedure, the computer has to be connected to the internet. After the software activation, with a single user license, SmartPLS can be used offline - this means an internet connection is no longer required.

If you need to switch your hardware during the licensing period, SmartPLS provides the error message "license is already activated on another computer" when you try to use the same key on the new computer device. In this case, please send an email to sales@smartpls.com. We will then issue a new license with the remaining term.

If you like to use SmartPLS on different computers, you would need to purchase multiple single user licenses or, alternatively, a network license.