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"OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" - What can I do?

Per default, SmartPLS uses a maximum memory of 512 MB. If you run extensive computations, you may need to allocate more memory. If your computer has enough main memory available, you can setup a higher limit that SmartPLS can use for its computations.

To allocate more memory, navigate to the SmartPLS installation folder (e.g. c:/program files/SmartPLS 3) and open the smartpls.ini file with a text editor. On Mac OSX the smartpls.ini file can be located when you go to Programs/SmartPLS and call the "Show package contents" action from the context menu. Then navigate down to > Contents > MacOS.

Change the following line:


The numeric value should not exceed the main memory that is available on your computer. If your computer has 4 GB RAM, you may want to choose a new entry of –Xmx2048m, which would allow the SmartPLS software to use a maximum memory of 2,048 MB.


After you have saved your changes, restart the SmartPLS software.

Note: You need administrative rights to change the file. If you can´t save it, try to open the text editor as an Administrator. Another option is to copy the smartpls.ini file to the Desktop, edit it there and copy it back. Windows will ask for the Administrator account when you copy the file back.