SmartPLS 2.0.M3 vs. SmartPLS 3.2.7

Some good reasons why it`s time to change

SmartPLS 2.0.M3 SmartPLS 3.2.7
Support No support offered Online Support Available
Latest Release Date 2005 2017
Maintenance Not maintained since 2005 Continuous Development & Updates
Supported Java Runtime Java 1.6 Java 8++
Runs on Windows
Runs on Mac OSX
Customizable style of path model (e.g. colors)
Sample models included
Partial least squares algorithm
Consistent partial least squares algorithm
OLS regression based on sumscores
Advanced bootstrapping options
Importance-performance matrix analysis (IPMA)
Multi-group analysis (MGA)
Second-order models
Nonlinear relationships (e.g. quadratic effect)
Confirmatory tetrad analysis (CTA)
Finite mixture (FIMIX) segmentation
Prediction-oriented segmentation (POS)
Weighted Data
Export of Results Reports HTML Excel, R, HTML
Price Free Free Student Version, Flexibly priced Professional Version

Support for SmartPLS 2.0.M3 ended.

SmartPLS 2.0.M3 was released in 2005. Since then there has been no maintenance or bugfix. Although it is very popular, SmartPLS 2.0.M3 contains some known issues that have never been fixed. You need to know these issues and some expert knowledge applying the necessary work arounds. SmartPLS 2.0.3 requires an out-dated Java Runtime Environment in Version 6, which has serious security problems and is no longer supported by Oracle. You will not be able to run SmartPLS 2.0.3 on Mac OSX. Although we continue providing free downloads and licenses for SmartPLS 2, we do not offer any support.

Download and Installation of SmartPLS 2.0.M3

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Please note, in line with the license agreement, it is a requirement to correctly cite the use of SmartPLS 2:

Ringle, Christian M., Wende, Sven, and Will, Alexander (2005). SmartPLS 2.0.M3. Hamburg: SmartPLS,