SmartPLS2.0.M3 Download

Click here to download SmartPLS 2.0.M3.

Installation Hints

  1. The file you downloaded is a ZIP archive - you need to extract it to a target folder
  2. The target folder should not be under c:/program files - this could cause problems, instead choose a folder within your users scope e.g. c:/users/username/smartpls2
  3. After you unpacked the ZIP archive, launch the smartpls.exe file from the target folder

Activation Hints

During first start, a dialog will pop up and ask for the activation key. Enter the key that we sent to you by email.

If you receive any error message, please make sure:

  1. to enter the key without any whitespace
  2. the computer is connected to the internet
  3. there is no security tool (like Kaspersky) or a firewall blocking internet access for Java applications. If you are in doubt, just deactivate those tools during the activation.