SmartPLS Floating Licenses

SmartPLS Network Licenses

If you choose to run a licensing server for SmartPLS on your own, you should be able to do the initial setup in 1 hour with the help of the following documentation.

Step 1: Download and install the licensing server and server administration GUI

Our licensing server and server administration GUI are are free of charge. Please download the appropriate package and refer to the administration guide installation instructions.

Step 2: Send hardware key to us

When properly installed, please copy the hardware IDs of your server as described in the administration guide (page 19) and send it to In return we will send you a license file.

Step 3: Install the license

We will send you a license file that you can install using the server administration GUI (License -> Install New License) - see page 17 of the administration guide.

Step 4: Point SmartPLS installations to your licensing server

After you installed the license we sent to you, you can start pointing clients to the licensing server. Just let them enter the server IP address and port in the SmartPLS software. The default port is 16090.

Enter License Server Information in SmartPLS

If want to hide the above dialog from your users (e.g. for automated deployments) you can setup the following parameters in the smartpls.ini file to enforce the connection to your licensing server. The smartpls.ini is located in the root of each SmartPLS installation.



-DlocalAdministrator=Mr. Miller, Tel. 1234

If any licensing problems occurs when SmartPLS is run, the following info dialog will appear which will also contain the administrator contact information.

SmartPLS error message

Any Questions Left?

Please open a support ticket and we will help you out.