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I have a long background in technology IT (product management and engineering) and I¹ve developed applications for many years. I think that SmartPLS 3 is the nicest SEM product on the market, today, and I definitely prefer using it instead of rather antiquated tools like AMOS and MPLUS.
Lori D. Kendall, Ph.D. Student in Management, Case Western Reserve University

PLS-SEM is a key multivariate analysis method for researchers and scholars. SmartPLS 3 gives easy access to the method. I profited in my research and Ph.D. theses from the intuitive ways to draw models and to easily get the outputs with graphics for many useful analyses.
Julen Castillo Apraiz, Ph.D. Researcher, University of the Basque Country, Spain

Having become familiar with PLS, and especially the SmartPLS tool, I have applied the technique to the Metlife Customer Satisfaction Survey data across multiple markets. The results are very useful and, thanks to SmartPLS, very easy to compute.
Martin Caplin, Metlife, United Kingdom.

Covariance-based approach limits lead us to use the variance based approach and smartpls software. Many studies done in this area. for expanding this approach among researchers with Persian language we written a book with collaboration my friends. It seems that this approach will soon become an integral part of most analysts, especially in the realm of social sciences. The new version of the software is more comprehensive, and especially at the CTA has attracted many comments. This software can help researchers to comprehensive understanding of develop and evaluate of the measurement and structural models.
Rasoul Gholamzadeh, Faculty Member of Payam Noor University, Iran

PLS-SEM showed a very encouraging development in the last decade. The method has a place in the heart of the researchers. Today, SmartPLS is the most popular software to use the PLS-SEM method. The SmartPLS team of developers has been working hard to release SmartPLS 3. After seeing and using the latest version of the software, I say it is ABC, amazing, beautiful, and complete.
Hengky Latan, Independent Researcher at University of Pattimura, Indonesia

I have used successfully used SmartPLS for my PhD research in which a pretty complex model has been investigated. I have been working with different software and I have found the SmartPLS software very easy to use. However, this has not restricted the potential power of the software that has allowed me to analyse the direct and indirect effects within my model. I strongly recommend SmartPLS to scholars should they be searching for partial least square software.
Masih Fadaki, PhD (Supply Chain Management, RMIT University), Category Manager (University of Melbourne), Melbourne, Australia

SmartPLS 3 is becoming the state of the art PLS-SEM software. Packed with useful features and easy to use interface it enables me to be more focused on research rather than the tool employed. It comes with a fair price model, securing future development and support. With both a Windows and OSX version, SmartPLS 3 is a winner!
Darko Etinger, at Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia