What are the SmartPLS license options?

Seat Licenses (or Single-User Licenses)

Seat Licenses will allow you to install a copy of SmartPLS on a single computer. The installed copy can be used by one user at a time. The change to a new computer is possible on request.

To activate a seat license, the computer running SmartPLS has to be connected to the internet. Once the license is activated, SmartPLS can be used offline without an internet connection.

If you need to switch your hardware during the licensing period, SmartPLS provides the error message "license is already activated on another computer" when you try to use the same license key on the new computer. In this case, please send an email to sales@smartpls.com. We will then reset your license key so that the remaining term can be used on your new computer.

Floating Licenses (or Network Licenses)

Floating licenses will allow you to install SmartPLS on an arbitrary number of computers on your network. The number of users who can use SmartPLS at the same time is equal to the number of concurrent users purchased.

This is the ideal option for universities that would like to use SmartPLS campus wide, e.g., by purchasing a SmartPLS Professional network license for 25 concurrent users.

To use SmartPLS, the computers running SmartPLS must be connected to a licensing server which may be hosted by us (access over the internt) or by you (in-house installation). Both options are equally priced but required a different order and setup routine.

Hosted by SmartPLS GmbH In-House Hosting
License Server Installation not necessary easy installation
Using the license Clients Enter a License Key Clients enter the IP address and port
Network Access Access to the Internet required Access to your network required

Enterprise License

This is a licensing package that includes 3 SmartPLS Professional licenses and additional services such as prioritized technical support, method support service, results review service, and personal support via Skype. If your are interest, please contact us.

Student License

This license is freely available for everyone and allows you to run SmartPLS without entering a license key.

However, there are some other limitations It does not allow you to:

  • Use datasets with more than 100 observations,
  • Customize colors, fonts and borders,
  • Export results to Excel, R and HTML,
  • Copy result tables to the clipboard,
  • Export the graphical model,
  • Use prioritized technical support, method support service, results review service, and personal support via Skype.

Run the student license with a small dataset (<100 observations) to test and check out the functionalities of SmartPLS!


We provide a registration for a free-trial that gives you full access to all features for 30 days. This trial can be used only once. To receive a trial key, please register here.