What are the SmartPLS license options?

Single user license: This type of license is a single user and single installation license. It allows you to operate SmartPLS Professional on a single computer - online and offline. This is the type of license that individual users usually purchase. Get more information!

Network license: A network license can be used on an arbitrary number of computer but only a limited number of computers (=number of concurrent users). The number of concurrent users depends on your purchase. This is the ideal option for universities that would like to use SmartPLS campus wide (e.g., by purchasing a SmartPLS Professional network license for 25 concurrent users). To use SmartPLS, the computer device must be connected to the university’s network, which is also possible from home with a VPN connection via the Internet. Learn more about the SmartPLS network license!

Enterprise license: This licenses includes 3 SmartPLS Professional licenses and additional services such as prioritized technical support, method support service, results review service, and personal support via Skype. It costs 4,000 EUR per year and is available upon request.

Student license: This license is freely available for everyone. It gives you full access to all functionalities of SmartPLS and there is no time limitation in its usage. However, there are some other limitations. For example, the maximum data size you can use is 100 observations and you cannot use the Excel export. Run the student license with a small data set to check out the functionalities of SmartPLS. Click here for additional information.

Use the 30 days free trial version of SmartPLS Professional!