What are the SmartPLS license options?

License Options

To use all professional features of the software, a valid license is mandatory. This license can be purchased here.

Note: All SmartPLS licenses are not a subscription When your license key is expired you may purchase a new license but there is no automatism.

Basically there are 2 types of licenses.

Seat Licenses

Seat Licenses will allow you to install a copy of SmartPLS on a single computer. The installed copy can be used by one user at a time. The change to a new computer is possible on request.

To activate a seat license, the computer running SmartPLS has to be connected to the internet. Once the license is activated, SmartPLS can be used offline without an internet connection.

Floating Licenses

Floating licenses will allow you to install SmartPLS on an arbitrary number of computers on your network. The number of users who can use SmartPLS at the same time is equal to the number of concurrent users purchased.

This is the ideal option for universities that would like to use SmartPLS campus wide, e.g., by purchasing a SmartPLS Professional network license for 25 concurrent users.

To use SmartPLS, the computers running SmartPLS must be connected to a licensing server.

There are 2 options to access/host a licensing server.

Option 1: On-Premise Hosting in your own network

You install and host a licensing server in your own network and your clients access the server via its IP address. This installation is easy and requires only basic administrative knowledge.

Option 2: SmartPLS Central Licensing server over the internet

This option does not require an installation on your side. Clients will enter a license key and SmartPLS will connect to a licensing server on the internet.