SmartPLS does not accept my license. What can I do?


A license problem can have various causes. First of all, please check if you have entered your license code correctly and without additional whitespace.

No access to the Internet

SmartPLS requires access to the Internet to check the license.

  1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet
  2. Make sure that no firewall blocks SmartPLS
  3. Maybe try deactivating the Firewall temporarily
  4. On Mac OSX: check /etc/hosts file for occurences of SmartPLS servers and remove those
  5. On Windows: check c:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file for occurences of SmartPLS servers and remove those

SmartPLS says that the license is already used on another computer

Several changes to your computer might trigger an error message indicating that your license key is not valid on your computer anymore:

  • a hardware upgrade (new hard disc, processor etc.)
  • a major operating system update (especially Mac OSX)

Please contact us if such an error message occurs and we will reset your license key.

SmartPLS cannot connect to your self-hosted license server

If you have been running your server for a while, your server version might be out of date. Please download and install the latest version.

SmartPLS 4 also requires a new license file and cannot be run with license files for SmartPLS 3. Please contact us to receive a new license file.