Whats the process for a reseller to purchase a license for his customer?

We cooperate with resellers

In many countries, purchasing a license through a local reseller is the easier method. We are happy to work with resellers. They can contact us at any time.

The most important and common documents can be downloaded from our company profile page.

The purchasing process with online payment

The normal process is straight-forward.

  1. The reseller request an order, sending an email to us.
  2. We create the order taking the individual reseller conditions into account
  3. The reseller receives a payment link and pays the license online (we offer several payment options depending on your country, usually at least credit card, Paypal)
  4. The reseller also receives an invoice, which you can be paid by wire transfer
  5. After the payment is booked, the reseller receives the license key via email and forwards it to the end customer
  6. In case the end-customer information was shared, the license key is also directly sent to the end customer
  7. The end customer downloads and installs the SmartPLS software and activate your license key
  8. You download and install the SmartPLS software and activate your license key

Additional documents are needed?

Please check our company page which offers documents for download. The typical candidate are:

  • W-8BEN
  • W-8BEN-E
  • bank account confirmation letter
  • tax residency forms

In case the end customer needs support

The end customer can contact us for support anytime. Either directly or through his reseller contact.