Can I use my SmartPLS 3 projects in SmartPLS 4?


You can easily continue using your projects and files from SmartPLS 3 in SmartPLS 4. The following should be noted, though.

Files that are modified in SmartPLS 4 can no longer be edited in SmartPLS 3 afterwards.

SmartPLS 4 will force you to start on a new and empty workspace to which you can then import your existing projects. This will create a copy of your existing SmartPLS 3 projects.


  1. Download the SmartPLS 4 installer for your operating system from our download page
  2. Install and launch SmartPLS 4
  3. Choose a license
  4. Create and select a new workspace folder
  5. Open > File > Import Projects from a folder from the main menu
  6. Locate the root of your existing SmartPLS 3 workspace (usually it is at /users/username/smartpls_workspace)
  7. Select the projects you want to import
  8. To fix red data files, just open them and hit "Update"

Getting started video

See the following video that executes the above mentioned steps in about 2 minutes.

Another video

Another video by James Gaskin that describes some first steps.