How can I use more memory?

How can I use more memory??

Per default, SmartPLS uses a maximum memory of 2048 MB. If you run extensive computations, you may need to allocate more memory. If your computer has enough main memory available, you can setup a higher limit that SmartPLS can use for its computations.

To allocate more memory you need to change a config file which can be found, here:

  • Windows: c:/program files/SmartPLS 4/smartpls.vmoptions
  • MacOSX: /Applications/SmartPLS 4/smartpls/ (use the "Show Package Contents" from the context menu and the navigate to Contents/vmoptions.txt)

Once located, open the config file in a text editor and change this line:


The numeric value should not exceed the main memory that is available on your computer. If your computer has 4 GB RAM, you may want to choose a new entry of –Xmx3048m, which would allow the SmartPLS software to use a maximum memory of 3,048 MB.

After you have saved your changes, restart the SmartPLS software.

Note: You must have administrator rights on your computer to change the smartpls.ini file. If you can´t save it, try to open the text editor as an administrator.

Open Notepad as Administrator