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Release Notes

Version 3.2.6, released 2016-11-13

ImprovedInclusion of results for Cronbach's alpha

Version 3.2.5, released 2016-11-06

FeatureNew PLS Predict Algorithm
LocalizationTranslation to Italian (100%)
LocalizationTranslation to Portuguese (100%)
LocalizationTranslation to French (50%)
LocalizationTranslation to Chinese (50%)
LocalizationTranslation to Persian (75%)
ImprovedHigher speed of the PLS algorithm
ImprovedHigher speed of Bootstrapping and other PLS modules
FixedThe "complete bootstrapping" option
FixedPermutation test p-value computation
FixedEstimated empirical correlation matrix computation

Version 3.2.4, released 2016-05-02

Download this version: win32, win64, mac
LocalizationTranslation to German
LocalizationTranslation to Spanish
LocalizationTranslation to Japanese
FeatureComposite reliability roh_A results
FeatureComposite reliability roh_A bootstrap results
FeaturePLS-POS: Option to use the FIMIX-PLS segmentation result as starting partition
FeaturePLS-POS: Weighted average R² as goal criterion and as additional results
FeatureModeling Window: Option to display f² and HTMT results
FeatureModeling Window: Option to show blindfolding Q² in the latent variables
FeatureProject Explorer: Option to automatically import sample projects
FeatureNew model fit measures: RMSE Theta
FeatureNew model fit measures: NFI
FeatureNew model fit measures: Model´s Chi² result
FeatureNew model fit measures: d_ULS and d_G exact tests of model fit
FeatureBootstrap results of new fit measures
FeatureRefurbished the HTML results report
ImprovedProject Explorer offers shortcuts for recently opened workspaces
ImprovedConstruct reliability overview table in the results report
ImprovedSRMR results for mixed models with composites and common factors
ImprovedExcel results report (look & feel and memory consumption)
ImprovedInternal results report (e.g., colors, display of total effects, switch between group-specific results)
ImprovedIPMA: Additional importance-performance map for standardized total effects
ImprovedFIMIX-PLS: Settings, outputs and reports
ImprovedOption to rename variables
ImprovedIndicator overview view: Variable number included
ImprovedShortcuts on certain actions for the Windows OS
ImprovedReworked licensing dialog
ImprovedSoftware activation process
ImprovedBootstrapping Performance
FixedRendering problems on high resolution displays with a custom DPI setup greater than 100% on Windows
FixedMICOM: Results report for single-item constructs
FixedUndo action for 'Apply Theme'
FixedUse of alignment and match actions does no longr clear displayed calculation results
FixedProblems with empirical weights in permutation algorithm
FixedDocumentation could not be displayed on computers with curious browser setups.

Version 3.2.3, released 2015-10-06

ImprovedRendering of tables. Increased line height for better readability.
FixedImproved backward compatibility for existing workspaces and data.
FixedA link in the new Excel export dialog.

Version 3.2.2, released 2015-10-01

FeatureNEW ALGORITHM: Permutation test for multi-group analysis
FeatureMICOM test for measurement invariance (included in the permutation test results)
FeatureMedian, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis and correlations for indicators (shown in data and indicator views)
FeatureCopy & paste options in the dataview allow for an easy export of descriptive statistics and raw data
FeatureAdditional operators ("does not equal", "or") for a more flexible definition of data groups
FeatureAdditional chart for HTMT in the PLS report with threshold visualization
FeatureShow p- and t-values in combination with path coefficients or outer weights as results in the path model
FeatureAdditional option to hide specific results in the path model (e.g., outer model)
FeatureAdditional results for PLS-POS (Weighted R², total and indirect effects)
FeatureDefine outer model weighting options (Mode A, Mode B, Equal Weights/Sumscores, Pre-Defined Weights)
ImprovedCalculation speed (all algorithms 2 times faster now)
ImprovedFIMIX-PLS: segments are numbered in descending order of the segment size (segment 1 always is the largest)
ImprovedFIMIX-PLS: reduced list of quality criteria (focus on relevant criteria only)
ImprovedPLS-MGA reports all results for interaction & quadratic effects, now
ImprovedMissing value identification: Empty cells are recognized as missing values
ImprovedColumns with text in the dataset can be used as grouping variable
ImprovedExcel Export: new options let you customize your Excel output
ImprovedExcel Export: memory usage
ImprovedExcel Export: changed file extension to *.xlsx
ImprovedTooltips for large column names in the results view
ImprovedImage-Export: Remove focus when exporting models as image
ImprovedError messages and highlighting for invalid path models
Improved"All calculations are finished" message appears when calculation is complete
FixedSRMR calculation of factor models with interaction and/or quadratic terms
FixedHTMT bootstrap error in path models with purely formative indicators
FixedChange of custom color themes does no longer modify the default theme
FixedInconsistencies of labels in different algorithms
FixedCalculation of inner model residuals
FixedPLS-MGA confidence intervals
Fixed"Check for Updates" option has been enabled
FixedImage export no longer omits file extensions (png, svg) under Windows 8

Version 3.2.1, released 2015-05-05

FeatureStyle of path model can now be customized using colors, borders and font sizes (Professional version only).
FeatureNew toolbar for easier access to modeling and styling options.
FeatureNew 'Duplicate' action for easier cloning of project files.
FeatureNew sample model "European Customer Satisfaction Index (ECSI)".
FeatureNew 'Install Sample Models' action for supplementary re-installation of the sample models.
FeatureAlgorithm settings are now displayed in all reports.
FeatureAn alternative label can be maintained for all variables that make use of line breaks.
FeatureTAB key can be used to jump between latent variables of a model.
FeatureBootstrapping results of the SRMR criterion.
FeatureResidual correlation results.
FeatureNew PLSc quality criterion Rho_A.
FeatureExport a path model to a vector based graphic format (.svg).
ImprovedImportance-performance map: chart legend entries are sorted.
ImprovedRemoved yellow message box stating that the 'Student Version' is used.
ImprovedSettings of existing moderating and quadratic effects may be changed (double click the variable).
ImprovedIntroduced tooltip for moderating and quadratic effects that shows all selected settings.
ImprovedChanged default look and feel of moderating and quadratic effects and simplified the default name of new effects.
ImprovedDefault position of interaction effects is now shifted when multiple effects are create for the same latent variable.
ImprovedExcel reports now support more than 256 columns.
ImprovedImproved startup time of algorithms when many data groups were defined but not used.
ImprovedClean-up of menu structures (main menu and context menus) and toolbars.
ImprovedComplete bootstrapping is now default instead of basic bootstrapping.
ImprovedRow colors in result tables keep alternating correctly, even if the table is sorted by a certain column.
ImprovedConnections to the one and only indicator of a single item are rendered without arrow.
ImprovedHeader of confidence interval results.
ImprovedImportance-performance map analysis (IPMA) results representation.
FixedBlue links could not be clicked on Mac OSX 10.10.3 (Yosemite).
FixedRendering error after import of a CSV file that had an error in the first line (e.g. columns with the same name).
FixedHTMT results computation and display issues.
FixedPLSc computation problems (interaction terms and "connect all option".
FixedRunning the double bootstrapping routine on multiple processors
FixedDuplicate naming issue in case of renaming an object.
FixedPLSc results output issues (e.g., R^2 values) with "connect all option".
FixedProblems with less than 10 Bootstrapping resamples.
FixedLoadings of formative and single item constructs in PLSc.

Version 3.2.0, released 2015-01-20

FeatureGraphical representation of bootstrap results (i.e. histograms of paths)
FeatureSimple slope interaction plots (moderation)
ImprovedSpeed of bootstrap routine.
ImprovedSeparate installation of JRE no longer necessary on Windows machines.
ImprovedCalculation for the whole data set may now be skipped, when data groups are analyzed.
ImprovedVariables available for group generation are sorted alphabetically.
ImprovedMoving or hiding variables after a calculation does no longer clear the calculation results.
ImprovedNewly imported data files will be activated by default.
ImprovedIf a model file is copied, the new model will be opened immediately.
ImprovedCalculation results view does no longer scroll to top if results are switched.
ImprovedPrefix for generated groups is now optional.
FixedUnexpected sign changes of indirect and total effects.
FixedInteraction effect computation problems (moderation).
FixedComputation of the unstandardized latent variable scores (IPMA).

Version 3.1.9, released 2015-01-20

FixedLicensing server connection problems.
ImprovedMinor typo corrections.

Version 3.1.8, released 2015-01-18

ImprovedAdded Java version check to the licensing dialog.

Version 3.1.7, released 2015-01-02

FeatureSupport for weighting vector.
ImprovedIntroduced student version without registration.
ImprovedIntroduced 30day trial.
ImprovedIntroduced licensing server support.
ImprovedChange file extension for R export to '.rData'.
FixedIssues with R² in interaction effect models.
FixedSome report table rows were hidden on Mac OSX Yosemite.

Version 3.1.6, released 2014-11-01

FeatureAutomatic Update (still experimental).
FeatureValidation errors of data files are now displayed.
ImprovedCalculation results explorer now adapts better to the available screen size.
ImprovedEasier copy & paste of files in the project explorer.
FixedIssues with studentized confidence intervals in bootstrapping procedure.
FixedCalculation of indirect and total effects.
FixedBootstrapping procedure for model consisting of formative models only.
FixedBootstrapping procedure for model consisting of single indicator models only.

Version 3.1.5, released 2014-09-03

FixedThe 'Snap to Grid' function runs, now.
FixedIssues with the HTMT criteria.

Version 3.1.4, released 2014-09-01

ImprovedReworked licensing dialog.
ImprovedMinor label changes in data file editor.
ImprovedCells in Excel export are formatted as 'numeric' and may now be used for further calculations without reformatting.
FixedProblems when sorting tables in reports.
FixedA bug that occurred on CSV export of a single table which had been sorted by path relations.
FixedAn errors that occurred on shutdown.
FixedProblems with “Pairwise Deletion” method to treat missing values.
FixedIssues with the Blindfolding procedure.
FixedA bug that damaged model files on certain Windows machines.

Version 3.1.3, released 2014-07-26

FeatureYou can now decide what should happen after a calculation (e.g. open the full report)
FeatureExport a full report to R.
FeatureExport single matrix to R.
ImprovedThe result navigation now resides in its own view.
FixedA "widget is disposed" exception occured during shutdown on some computers.
FixedContents of the "About" dialog where cropped on some Windows computers.
FixedAbout-Dialog now contains a link to the Terms and Conditions.
FixedThe initial licensing dialog is now resizable.
FixedThe amount of RAM allocated to the application on startup was to high for some computers.
FixedAlthough not needed, POS algorithm stopped with error when no data groups where defined a priori.
FixedSorting indicators by the number of missing values in the indicator view caused an error.
FixedAfter setup of a new missing value for the data file, the window was not refreshed properly.
FixedImproved caption for calculation runs.